Wynn Hartley
Director of Marketing
DoubleHorn Communications

"I've used Christen's creative services at two different companies I've worked for and I will happily continue to work with her. I find that she has a knack for clever, attention-grabbing ideas. She always asks very direct and intuitive questions that get to the core of the business objective so she can execute not just creatively, but effectively to produce results. As a design professional, she is a delight to collaborate with. She is extremely detail-oriented, courteous and pushes herself and her clients to achieve the very best quality work."


Michael McGar
Owner/Creative Director
Michael McGar Creative

"I was very impressed by Christen's leadership on Texas WIC Family Journal project. She took an assignment that had too many directions to count, provided brilliant design concepts and thorough guidelines to the design team with feedback that was always professional, informative and clear. Cohesiveness was a huge challenge with such a diverse team, and she always had an eye on quality control while making sure that the team always felt included and valued throughout the project. She stayed on top of deadlines, created tools and templates to ensure consistent branding, and materialized attractive user interfaces that excited both the client and end users who were tested."


David Juarez
Assistant Director
Austin Water

"By far the best IHN event we've sponsored to date. I'm proud to have been a part of this team, and we couldn't have done it without the thoughtful creative talent.  Thanks Christen!"


Geneva Guerrero
Public Outreach & Education
Austin Water

"Christen really WOWED us on this [Dowser Dan project]! She did an amazing job tying in the former production nuances and evolving it into something both kids and adults can respond to."   


Austex Logo-Web.png

Dana Harvel
Promotional Printing Specialist
Austex Printing & Mailing

"Austin Water is still sending us the Dowser Dan educational handouts for regular print runs, even years after they were created. We have an extra copy of one of the banners set up as a sample in our showroom. The work simply speaks for itself.  "



Clemmie Cummins
Wellness Consultant
City of Austin Wellness Program

"I worked extensively with Christen on the Knowledge Is Power breast cancer awareness campaign, and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. Christen is extremely capable from a technical standpoint, but also very easy to work with. I love her can-do attitude and willingness to LITERALLY roll up her sleeves to get the job done, even when direction was lacking and project requirements were shifting. Her creativity was much appreciated by our team and she's provided us with something we can use forever." 


Joan Ivy
Public Information Specialist
Austin Water

"Christen did an exceptional job giving Austin Water's branded materials a consistent look and feel. I've worked with a lot of designers, and Christen is among the best at taking a direction and incorporating feedback without giving in on important design principles. And she does it nicely!"