"So what the heck is this branding and what’s all the hype? Sounds painful!"   -Anonymous Client

Good news: branding techniques have evolved, and they are now totally painless! We've traded hot irons for more advanced tools that add greater functionality to your mark. A professional visual identity reinforces your credibility, enhances your value, and sets you apart from the herd.

A logo is often considered the quintessential symbol of your brand. It certainly serves an important function, acting as a representative in your absence and appearing on almost everything you endorse. It should be meaningful, versatile and timeless, as it will follow you throughout your brand's evolution. 

But it doesn't stop there. Your brand should spill over into each message you send, graphic, written or otherwise. It's a complete system whose components work together harmoniously to provide a clear representation of who you are and the values you stand for.