Design Process

My design process is flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of each individual assignment, evolving along with the project. If you’ve already made production arrangements on your own, I’m happy to work with your favorite printer, vendor or other resource. I’m also delighted to connect you with one of my trusted sources to get you the very best service and the quality you need.

The most efficient strategy is to allow me to communicate directly with third-party service providers. This ensures that all setup details and specifications are in order and that each vendors’ capabilities and constraints are fully understood. This way, you can be assured that both my services and the vendors’ services are well utilized.

Scope and milestones will vary depending on the project details. At the most basic level, a successful design requires several recognizable phases, listed below. It's important to allow sufficient time for these steps to ensure that important details are not overlooked and that possibilities are thoroughly explored prior to execution.


During discovery, project requirements are established. We'll research your company’s mission, values and relevant information about your brand, messaging, competitors and partners. We'll focus on your target audience and desired image to guide the design.


Concept & Draft

After discovery and research, I will create one or several initial draft designs based on the established requirements. We can analyze the positives and negatives of each idea and come to an agreement on the concept we want to further develop.

Revise & Refine

The concept selected during the draft phase will be fine-tuned and adjusted as needed to satisfy any additional preferences. Then the revised design will be presented for approval. The revision stage often extends into two or more cycles until the final design is realized. 



Once the final design is approved, I will prepare the artwork to meet specific production requirements. I'll assist in any further steps needed to ensure the quality of the final product once the files leave my hands. I like to follow up on the project after production is finished to confirm your complete satisfaction.